*Atatük Kültür Merkezi is closed from 2008 until now. It was acting as a multi-purpose cultural center and home to Istanbul State Opera and Ballet, Istanbul State Theatres, Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra and Choir, Istanbul State Modern Folk Music Ensemble, and Istanbul State Classical Turkish Music Choir until its opening on April 12, 1969. By June 2008, the cultural center was taken out of use for renovations. The Board for the Protection of Cultural Property decided on 31 December 2009 that the building has to be renovated as it stands but the project stopped in 2013 because proposed redevelopment plans for the Taksim Square. The demolition of the old building began on 13 February 2018 and finished on 30 May 2018. On 10 February 2019, the construction of the new complex began.

*Festspielhaus HELLERAU was closed between 1939 until 1990thies. In the nineties, many artists and cultural activists took back the building -which was quite destroyed at that time- to keep it as a cultural venue and gave lots of effort to re-open it. 1 January 2004 it became the HELLERAU- European Center for the Arts and acts as an interdisciplinary co-production and guest performance house and offers contemporary arts dance, music, theatre, performance, media art, and visual arts spaces for production and presentation.

courtesy of salt research, hayatı tabanlıoglu archıve